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#GearTalk - Pedalboard 1

So Here's a post that 90% of readers won't make it to the end of!

I thought it would be interesting to catalogue some of the gear I'm using at the moment (It changes semi-regularly!) Warning - if you're not into guitar gear none of the following will make much sense to you...


This is my current go to gigging board, signal chain is as follows -

Guitar > CAE Wah > Korg Pitchblack > Digitech Bass Synth Wah > Quinnamp Dirt and Earnie > Boss BF-2 > Amp

The Tc Electronics HOF mini and Flashback are both through the amps effects loop.

Random info -

- The CAE Wah is run through the yellow fasel inductor and even though the boost is on in the picture it's very rarely on

- The Digitech Bass Synth Wah is used purely for an octave down effect, for the cost that these were it tracks incredibly well for single note riffs! I am interested in trying one of the TC Sub n Up's though...

- The Dirt and Ernie is a clean boost/overdrive pedal, settings on this are constantly moving. It's a phenomenal sounding pedal I just keep changing how I like to use it, the clean boost really fattens up a tone however it's usually on the overdrive side so I don't need to hook up a foot switch for the amp...

- The Boss BF-2 is an old Black label Japanese model (dating it between 1980-84) it's smaller than the Blackstar HT-Mod and doesn't require a weird power supply so makes it on to the board!

- Where as I should know what setting the HOF mini has stored on it I have no idea... At this point I'm scared to change it since I really like it! definitely one of the best digital reverbs on the market for the money!

- So the Flashback... terrifies me! there's an awful lot this pedal will do and I don't use it for half of that! I bought it because it has the looper function and I love playing around with that, if I remember right I've go the shortest slapblack delay known to man saved in A, B is a nice length Analogue delay with a touch of modulation (really beautiful sound, i'll do a video sometime) and C is a reverse delay for when I have a moment of madness... this occasionally gets switched for a modded DD-3 if I need to squeeze a foot switch on the board too...

No fancy power supplies on this either it's just a 9V adapter and a daisy chain, the spare plug at the back of the board is to hook up an 'extension board' but i'll save that for another time...

Oh and the board is a Smorg -

I promise the next post won't be about gear!

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