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The last few weeks!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and to be fair some stuff has happened I've just not had chance to sit down and put it into words!

Firstly me and Chris have been into the studio and tracked drums for the album! - I'm super stoked about this and Chris' playing is amazing, he's brought his own thing to the songs and they've evolved into something better than I ever could've imagined! We shot a bunch of footage too and once I get chance to go through it all I'll try and put a little teaser video together!

This last week I've spent in Market Drayton working on the Rock and Bowl festival, it's something that started out in a pub beer garden and has grown every year since. This year saw the biggest turn out and some of the finest local talent (and some not so local) on offer. It's been a true pleasure to have been part of every single one so far and this year was no different. A special thanks need to go to Alex and Tom for letting me stop at theirs this year and not minding me doing the washing up at 5am...

I've also had chance to catch up with a couple of long time friends this week and generally feel human and detached from the necessary evils of work for the first time in a long while. We reminisced about the bands we used to be in and how it all went so wrong (hindsight is a wonderful thing) for anybody that fancies a laugh I've attached a clip of us playing from years ago... its amazing to see where we've all ended up musically these days(!)

I also ended up throwing around some ideas with Cal who despite being one of my longest serving friends has become a fantastic film maker (I'm sure he'd chew me out for the loose term...)

and some prospects of doing some video work together might well happen! unfortunately I can't seem to find his showreel so instead you'll have to take my word for it!

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