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it’s taken me all day to even accept the news of Sally’s passing and even now it’s not truly sunk in. Sometimes life isn’t fair and this is one of those times. Sally was always someone that had so much love for everyone. Unfortunately me and Sally had drifted apart but at one time she was an incredibly close friend. Without Sally my life would never have been as incredible as it has been and I can only hope she knew just how much of an impact on my life she had. Without Sally Tyler Hazard never wore a head sock or had his face on a badge… Theres a sock puppet in a draw at home which is the smallest insight into someone unique and just one of many tokens of friendship she shared with me. I’m beating myself up over letting us drift apart and unfortunately there’s a great deal of us that have been shown that life is far too short. Sally always put other peoples happiness first and between that and how bright of a personality she had that’s what she will always be remembered for. RIP Sal you’re missed already.

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