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Back to blogging!

It's been a while since the last blog entry (and apparently I've lost all ability to type)

In all honesty I've been in shut down and out mode for a while and I'm not fully out of it but I've finally started getting back to doing stuff (you might've noticed the video on the home page and updated logo)

There's been some background stuff happening too like trying to sort some t-shirts and throwing ideas around for potentially playing stuff live... Here's a sneak peak on a t-shirt design that i'm a little bit in love with for anyone who cares -

Hopefully these will be available in the near future!

Also we're having a vocals day on Saturday with a couple of singers to go over some of the songs for the album, I think at this point everything bar one song is 99% written lyrically and the last one I've been putting off for ages - If I get chance to escape sometime soon I'll get to it!

There's been a little bit of talk around splitting the acoustic tracks onto a separate project/album/disk since in all honesty the cost of recording isn't the cheapest thing...

Currently there's 2 acoustic tracks planned for the album but I'm thinking of maybe turning it into a 6 track mini album, Guess we'll see!

Music moments (this is totally a thing I do now) - Was listening to Matchbox 20 which I'm always surprised to find not many people over here seem to know that well, Rob Thomas is one of my favourite songwriters and they're definitely worth checking out from that point of view. Right now I've got some live John Mayer on, there's times I'm in love with the guys guitar playing and other times where it feels like he's holding back for the purpose of making a song more 'friendly' I highly recommend checking out any of his live albums though especially the John Mayer Trio stuff!

You can check out the video from the home page below with a sneak peak of one of the tracks on it's way and hopefully I'll keep up with the blogging slightly more regularly (no promises)

Until next time!

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