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Some of our favourite T-Style guitars we've seen over the years are the 'Holy Grail' 'early 50's models so the TJ-52 is our way of honouring some of those guitars. 

Refusing to play by the script expect to see us mix it up with some different pickup combinations and possibly even wood options - one of our very favourite vintage guitars we've come across was a mahogany bodied Esquire prototype with a P90 in the neck.

The Ultimate Workhorse

We've often said if you can't do it on a T-Style guitar is it even worth doing at all? It's possibly the most versatile guitar ever conceived and has been used in every genre of music.

The TJ-52 takes all the classic ingredients, mixes in a couple of modern spices and brings one of the most famous guitars right up to date and ready for the demanding expectations of todays players.


All That Glitters Is Gold

We're not looking to recreate the 'Golden Era' of guitars we're looking to create a new one taking hand picked elements from the past and combining them with new innovations and techniques to create something special in todays market.

Speaking of gold all our guitars use EVOGold fretwire as standard, It's longer lasting than what you find on the majority of guitars but also not as 'zingy' or harsh sounding as stainless steel.


  • 25.5" Scale Length

  • 12" Radius

  • Jescar EVOgold FW57110 fretwire

  • Modern style Gotoh Bridge

  • Compensated saddles

  • Gotoh 18:1 Locking Tuners

  • Custom taper volume and tone pots

  • S/Mini Humbucker pickup configuration

  • Monty's Pickups

  • Schaller Strap Locks

  • Vintage C neck profile

  • Included Mono M80 Classic Gig bag

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