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Another busy few weeks...

It's been another mad few weeks with little steps taken!

Me and Andy did go see Skindred in Bedford though, I can't say enough good things for how amazing they are live and the energy they inject into a room. It was unbelievable getting to see them in such an intimate venue!

Creative juices are finally starting to tick in my head and where as I'm still no closer to finishing the lyrics to the one song that needs finishing for the album I did suddenly find inspiration for far too many other projects (some for myself) such as -

- Build an acoustic guitar

- Build a bass guitar

- Create a web show

- Start a podcast

Not the most helpful goals at the moment but I'm certainly looking at starting a Podcast, it's more a case of what on... Suggestions on a postcard!

I have made a start sorting some space to do these things though so thats a plus! Anyway here's some Skindred until I have something more to share...

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